New nexus is the zone Dizian Maltor sends you to on your escape from Purgatory. This is the starter hub, where all the level 10-20 spells are located for your class. Spell reagents and crafting supplies can be found here, as well.


Gordon (Miners Local 41)
Illusionist Marial
Barterer Villareal (Loyalty Tokens)
Tailor Supra (Designer Apparel)
a chaos sprite
Dirk Melchior (Banker)
Shodin (Local Oaf)
Tabin Trellwater
Lana Er`Alfair (Order of Sanctuary)
Dizian Maltor (Society of Travelers)


Miner Bengar (Mining Supplies)
Richard Trueblood (Woodworking Supplies)
Ceil Moonstruck (Magical Supplies)
Dolan Binotaur (Tamer Spells)
Gaul Valoren (Dragoon Spells)
Bianca Wilston (Occulist Spells)
Trader Jolis (Sorcerer Spells)
Jaik Heart (3 Stories Trading Co.)
Trader Bishdense Clor (Alchemist Spells)
Grandmother Nedra (Cooking Supplies)
Brewer Lindsey (Brewing Supplies)
Trader Alfaon (Summoner Spells)
Trader Jice (Necromancer Spells)
Jameson Criswell (Archer Spells)
Aunt Rosie (Plants and Herbs)
Trader Rhoda Green (Witch Spells)
Trader Elsabe Gera (Priest Spells)
Trader Jak Matew (Bard Songs)
Cloud Klaudhoff (Enchanter Spells)